Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Rejuvenation in Colorado Springs

Our Plastic Surgeons in Colorado Springs, Dr. Krishna Dash and Dr. Rupesh Jain, offer a variety of non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures that can help enhance your appearance. Some of the options for facial cosmetic enhancement are: BOTOX® Cosmetic; the Dermesse™ skin care line; and tissue fillers Radiesse™, JUVÉDERM®, BELOTERO BALANCE® and Restylane. Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Rejuvenation in Colorado Springs

Botox® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a purified protein that is injected into certain muscles of the face to reduce the wrinkles that are associated with muscle activity. It helps soften the deep creases that occur between the eyebrows, around the mouth and the eyes (crow’s feet), and in the forehead by relaxing the muscles that are causing these wrinkles. The results can be expected to last about 3 months. The injections can be performed quickly, safely and easily in the office with essentially no down time. Call us to find out if BOTOX® Cosmetic can work for you.

Dermesse Skin Care Line

If you have tried the Obagi® skin care line and have been pleased with the results, the Dermesse skin care line is a comparable, less-expensive alternative. Dermesse is a comprehensive skin care line that works at the cellular level to improve skin texture and tone and to treat hyperpigmentation and photoaging.

The regimen is by prescription only and can be customized by the physician to suit your individual needs. The hydroquinone products are odorless and are safe for all skin types and colors. The components of the Dermesse skin care line are prescription strength and therefore produce much more profound, scientifically proven, results that are not seen in over-the-counter products.

Dermesse works at the cellular level to create lasting results if used regularly. Come visit with the cosmetic surgeons at the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Colorado Springs, to see if you can benefit from the significant improvements in skin quality that Dermesse is capable of creating.


Radiesse is a tissue filler used to fill in facial wrinkle. It is usually injected into the folds between the cheeks and the nose, lines or wrinkles in the forehead, around lips and eyes and other areas that require increased fullness. It can also be used to augment tissues and improve facial contour deformities.

Radiesse is composed of calcium hydroxyapatite, a mineral found in teeth and bone; therefore, it is safe and does not require pre-testing. Injections are done in the office with minimal swelling and inflammation that usually resolves in 24-36 hours.; The results are seen immediately and can last up to up to a year or longer.

Many patients will choose to have Radiesse injected into the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows at the same time as their Botox injections. This produces a synergistic effect since the Botox will relax the muscles in this area and prevent the wrinkles from worsening with facial movement, while the Radiesse softens the wrinkles further.


JUVÉDERM® is a smooth gel made up of Hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally found in your skin, that helps to restore lost volume and fullness in your skin. It is used in different areas of the face where creases and fold may be found to soften and reduce the signs of aging. It is also often used to provide more fullness to the lips which tend to thin with age.

The procedure to inject JUVÉDERM® into the wrinkles of the face takes around 15 minutes to perform in the office. There is minimal down time associated with the procedure. The result are visible immediately. Most patients can expect it to last around 1 year.

JUVÉDERM® is an excellent option for patient who are looking to restore some of the lost volume of the face that occurs with aging. Furthermore, it will soften the folds and creases that form a result of normal facial movement. Call the cosmetic surgeons at the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Colorado Springs to see if you are a candidate.


BELOTERO BALANCE®, similar to JUVÉDERM®, is a colorless gel composed of Hyaluronic Acid that is used to treat facial wrinkles and loss of facial volume.

BELOTERO BALANCE® is a newer hyaluronic acid filler that has been recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of the nasolabial folds (smiles lines) in the U.S. Most Hyaluronic acid fillers when injected close to the skin surface may reveal a bluish hue due to the optical properties of the hyaluronic acid filler.  This phenomenon is called the Tyndall effect.

BELOTERO BALANCE® has been modified at the molecular level to prevent the Tyndall effect, thus avoiding the bluish discoloration to the skin when injected close to the skin surface or in areas where the skin is very thin.

Our plastic surgeons in Colorado Springs, Dr. Krishna Dash and Dr. Rupesh Jain, are please to be able to offer BELOTERO BALANCE® to their patients for the treatment of facial wrinkles and aging.  Please contact our plastic surgery office in Colorado Springs for more information or to schedule a free cosmetic consultation.


Restylane is cosmetic dermal filler approved for use in correction and softening of facial wrinkles and creases, such as the nasolabial fold. It is composed of hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the human body. When injected into the body, it binds to water molecules to help restore volume and fullness to the tissues.

With time and gravity, the cheek skin begins to sag resulting in deepening of the fold that starts at the nose and goes to the corner of the mouth (nasolabial fold). Injections of Restylane can soften the fold by adding volume to the crease, thereby, decreasing signs of aging. Restylane can also be injected into the red portion of the lips to create a more voluptuous appearance.

Restylane is a safe and effective procedure that can be done in the office with minimal discomfort. Most patients can expect to have the age reversing appearance of Restylane to last for approximately 6 months.