Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery in Colorado Springs, CO

In the recent years, the term “mommy makeover” has become a household term. It is often used to describe the various procedures used to reverse the adverse effects that pregnancy can have on the female body. Pregnancy can create sagging and deflation of the breasts; stretching and looseness of the abdominal skin; and excess fat deposition in the abdomen, thighs, hips, love handles, and arms to mention just a few of the issues. Pregnancy can also have an affect on a women’s facial appearance because of the weight gain and loss associated with pregnancy. It is these problem areas after pregnancy that mommy makeovers are specifically designed to address.

Am I a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

The ideal person for a mommy makeover is one that has completed the childbearing years and is ready to try to restore their pre-pregnancy figure and contours. Those patients should also have returned to their normal activity and exercise level to ensure they are in good overall health. It is also advisable to wait on proceeding with the mommy makeover surgery until you are close to you normal weight. This to ensure that you don’t have any significant weight loss after surgery which can affect the results of your surgery. Being at your baseline weight will also let your surgeon, Dr. Dash or Dr. Jain, know what your normal appearance is so that their recommendations are accurate. These issues will be addressed during your consultation with them in our plastic surgery office in Colorado Springs.

What are the Mommy Makeover Breast Procedures?

The breasts are one of the most troubling areas after having children. The number of children, the amount of time spent breast feeding and the amount of weight gain and loss around the time of pregnancy all affect the degree to which the breasts are affect. Often there is a significant amount of loose, sagging skin that has developed which is correct by doing a breast lift. If the breasts remain quite large after breast feeding is completed, then a breast reduction is the procedure of choice. If loss of breast volume is the problem, a breast augmentation may be all that is needed. However, it is quite common for our plastic surgeons in Colorado Springs to perform breast lift at the same time as the breast augmentation when doing mommy makeovers.

You can learn more about the specific procedures:

What are the Mommy Makeover Body Procedures?

The significant amount of stretching that takes place of the abdomen during pregnancy stretches the skin, creates stretch marks, and loosens the muscle that keep all you organ inside the abdomen. A tummy tuck is the most common procedure associated with a mommy makeover because it address most of those issues. It usually involves removal of most of the skin and fat between the belly button and the pubic hairline area. The rectus abdominis muscles (the muscles that give us the “6-pack” appearance to the stomach) are most often tightened underneath the skin to act as an internal girdle and permanently keep the stomach from protruding outward. In conjunction with the mommy makeover tummy tuck, liposuction is usually performed to remove the excess fat in the love handle area. Liposuction can also be performed to remove fat depositions in the upper back (near the bra-line region), inner and outer thighs.

What is involved with the Mommy Makeover Consultation?

The plastic surgeons at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, serving Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City, Monument, Castle Rock and Denver areas are experts in the realm of mommy makeovers. They understand that every patient has different needs, issues and desires. They are very comfortable with helping you decide what procedures will benefit you the greatest to achieve the optimal improvement in your figure. Both Dr. Dash and Dr. Jain see many patients that desire some combination of procedures for their mommy makeover and feel quite comfortable helping them achieve their ultimate body. You can view some of the before and after photos of mommy makeover patients on whom they have performed surgeries.

During your consultation with our plastic surgeons, they will do a thorough evaluation and assessment of your individual concerns. They will be able to help you understand what breast, body, and face procedures may be necessary to help you restore your desired appearance. After you consultation is complete you will be given an exact quote for what the cost of the surgical procedures will be that addresses your personal needs.

What needs to happen before my Mommy Makeover surgery?

After you consultation with one of our plastic surgeons in our Colorado Springs office, you will be given the opportunity to see what surgery dates are available. Once you have secured the date of your mommy makeover surgery, we will make 2 more appointments for you. The first one is the preoperative appointment during which Dr. Dash or Dr. Jain will review your procedures in great deal. They will also perform a thorough explanation of the risks and complications associated with the surgeries and answer all your questions or concerns. The are excellent at explaining the procedures in a simple yet comprehensive manner. During this appointment we encourage our patients to bring their spouses or significant others so that everyone involved understands the procedures and recovery process.

The second appointment in preparation for you mommy makeover is usually on the day before your surgery. This is so that the pre-surgical marks can be drawn prior to the morning of surgery. This affords our patients more comfort and privacy to have this complete in the office as opposed to having them done on the morning of surgery. This also allows our physicians to go over any other instructions and allows the patients to ask any questions they may have forgotten to ask previously.

How is Mommy Makeover Surgery Performed?

The mommy makeover procedure is usually performed at a surgery center as an outpatient procedure. A Board certified anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia so that the patients have no discomfort during the procedure. Patients then go the recovery room where a registered nurses watches over their vitals signs very closely to maximize safety. After patients are more awake, they are allowed to come home on the same day as the surgery.

What are the Incisions used for Mommy Makeover?

For those patients with excess fat, liposuction is performed to remove the pockets of fat in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc. This is done through a small incision about the width of a pencil in those corresponding areas.

If there is enough excess skin in the abdominal region and looseness of the abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck is performed through an incision that extends from one hip bone to the other hip bone, across the pubic hairline.

One area that often plagues women who have had children is the breasts. It is very common to see sagging of the breast skin envelope with a loss of breast fullness. Breast lift, with or without breast augmentation with breast implants, can be instrumental in restoring the pre-pregnancy breast shape and size. There are several options for placement of the incisions for breast augmentation. The most commonly used method for placement of the implant by our plastic surgeons in Colorado Springs is via a small at the fold of the breast. On the other hand, a full breast lift procedure creates incisions around the areola, a vertical incision connecting the areola to the fold of the breast and another incision that extends along the length of the fold of the breast.

You can see some of the incisions by visiting our mommy makeover photogallery in Colorado Springs: Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos

What are the results from Mommy Makeover Surgery?

For mothers that have finished having children, mommy makeover is an ideal option for restoring the lost figure that results from the changes that take place during pregnancy. Once our plastic surgeons, Dr. Dash and Dr. Jain, in our Colorado Springs office have completed their consultation with you, they will outline a personalized surgical plan suited to your needs and concerns. Patients who have undergone mommy makeover by our surgeons have expressed their significant satisfaction with their surgeries and the entire journey they went through with our office and staff. You can see some of the before and after pictures here.

Deciding what mommy makeover procedure or procedures will provide you with the greatest benefit is something our cosmetic surgeons at the Institute of Plastic Surgery can guide you through during your personalized and private consultation. Dr. Dash and Dr. Jain will help you explore the possibility of options that are available. You can learn more about the various procedures we perform for our mommy makeover patients:

Mommy makeover represents a comprehensive approach to restoring a youth body contouring for patients that are done having children. Our Plastic Surgeons are highly experienced in evaluating and outlining a treatment plan for residents interested in mommy makeover living in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. If you are not happy with what pregnancy has done to the contour of your body contact us or call us at (719) 535-9990 for a free mommy makeover consultation at our Colorado Springs office.