Breast Lift

What is Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

Breasts play a significant role in the sexual and mental well being for women. With time, the breasts can develop looseness and sagginess to the skin giving the breast an elongated, droopy appearance. There a multitude of variables such as weight gain and/or weight loss, loss of elasticity of the skin over time, pregnancy, breast feeding, and gravity that contribute to the loss of fullness and the youthful shape of the breasts. Breast lift surgery is designed to restore the firmer, perkiness of a youthful breast.

Who is a good candidate for Breast Lift?

Breast lift is the right procedure for woman that have lost the youthful shape and appearance of their breasts. However, there are several thing to consider before having a breast lift surgery. It is advisable to finish having children before have the surgery since pregnancy and breast feeding can have an adverse affect on the breast. It is also recommended that your are close to your baseline weight before considering the surgery since weight gain and weight loss can have an deleterious affect on the breast. Our plastic surgeons, Dr. Krishna Dash and Dr. Rupesh Jain, will help you decide if you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery in Colorado Springs during your consultation.

What are the different Breast Lift Techniques?

There are two main issues that contribute to the saggy, droopy appearance of the breasts. The first is the location of the nipple and areola (the darker pigmented skin around the nipple) that are positioned too low on the breast and chest wall. All of the techniques for breast lift address the position of the nipple and areola by relocating it to a higher location on the breast. The second main issue is the excess skin that has developed as a result of the factors that cause breast sagging. This issue is address to varying degrees based on the technique used for the breast lift.

The traditional breast lift involves repositioning of the nipple and areola to a higher location. The excess skin between the nipple and the fold of the breast is removed and tightened resulting in a vertical scar. Then the horizontal excess skin at the fold of the breast is removed resulting in an incision at the fold. This technique allows for removal of both the vertical and horizontal skin excess.

Another technique called the vertical mastopexy also repositions the nipple and areola to the appropriate location. This procedure also involves removal of the vertical skin excess below the nipple and areola resulting in a vertical incision. The difference occurs in the fact that the vertical technique does not involve the removal of horizontal skin excess. Therefore, there is no horizontal incision along the fold of the breast.

If the only concern is the location of the nipple and there is no excess of skin below the nipple in either the vertical or horizontal planes, then a simple repositioning of the nipple and areola may be all that is needed. This is accomplished with an incision around the areola but no incisions are needed below the areola.

Are there scars associated with Breast Lift Surgery?

In order to accomplish the removal of the excess skin and repositioning of the nipple, incisions are placed on the breast. Our Plastic Surgeons in Colorado Springs use the most meticulous surgical suturing skills during surgery to help mitigate the appearance of the scars.

After surgery there are several scar management tools they employ to help reduce the long-term appearance of the scars. Several weeks after your surgery Dr. Dash and Dr. Jain will begin working on reducing the visibility of the scars.

Even though scars are unavoidable with breast lift surgery, most patients who undergo breast lift are very happy with the results from the surgery regardless of the visibility of the scars because of the improvement in self-confidence that is instill in them.

What is involved with the Breast Lift Consultation?

After you have contacted our Plastic Surgery office in Colorado Springs our staff will arrange for you to have a consultation with either Dr. Dash or Dr. Jain. During the consultation, they will review your medical history and do a complete breast examination. They will then discuss your concerns and outline a personalized surgical plan that will address your concerns and desires. At the conclusion of your consultation you will be given a quote for the total cost of the surgery since breast lift is considered a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by health insurance companies.

Is Breast Lift Surgery Safe?

As with any surgical procedure there are potential risks and complications. Breast lift surgery is performed often by our plastic surgeons at our Colorado Springs office. Complications from breast lift surgery are rare with the majority of them being minor and easily treated with minimal consequences. There is the possibility of a major complication, however, they are very rare. Our plastic surgeons will discuss these potential issues during your consultation so that you are comfortable with the surgery before proceeding.

Where is Breast Lift Surgery performed in Colorado Springs?

Breast lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia with the use of board certified anesthesiologists at one our preferred surgery centers in Colorado Springs. Once the surgery is completed, patients then go to the recovery room where a registered nurse monitors your vital signs to ensure your safety and comfort. Once the patient is more awake they are discharged to home on the same day as the surgery.

At times breast lift surgery in Colorado Springs is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, or as part of their mommy makeover surgery. In these cases Dr. Dash or Dr. Jain will advise you whether staying overnight at the surgery center is recommended or not based on your individual situation.

What is the recovery from Breast Lift Surgery?

Surprisingly, breast lift surgery is not a very painful operation. It is performed as an outpatient procedure where patients go home from the surgery center on the same day as the surgery. Patients find that pain to be analogs to the feeling of having their “milk come in” when they start breast feeding after pregnancy. Our plastic surgeons in Colorado Springs will prescribe you pain medication to help with any discomfort you have after surgery.

Post-operatively our doctors will see you in the Colorado Springs office regularly to ensure you are recovering safely without problems. They will give you instructions on how to manage your incisions as well as what activities are safe to perform. At each follow up visit you will exclusively see your plastic surgeon. They take great pride in the fact that they see each patient themselves during every follow up to maximize their patients’ safety.

What are the results from Breast Lift?

Breast lift is a great procedure for women that are unhappy with the shape and appearance of their breasts. It can do a great deal to boost ones self-esteem and confidence level. Patients that have had breast lift surgery by one of our plastic surgeons at our Colorado Springs office will tell you that we provide exceptional service and quality with a personalized touch. You can read some our patient testimonials. You can also view some of our Before and After Breast Lift Photos.

Feel free to contact our Plastic Surgery office in Colorado Springs or call us at (719) 535-9990 to schedule your free cosmetic surgery consultation.