Forever Young BBL™

Slowing Down the Aging Clock

Forever Young BBL™ is a groundbreaking technology recently shown to be the only treatment that can change the expression of genes that are associated with aging of skin. Dr. Patrick Bitter, along with Stanford University, were able to show that twice a year treatment of facial skin with the Sciton® BBL laser resulted in rejuvenated skin and delaying signs of aging. Skin treated with the BBL laser reactivated “youth” genes that normally turn off with age. This is the first time a laser treatment was proven to be able to reverse signs of aging.
The Forever Young BBL™ laser treatments are performed in the office without the need for any significant anesthesia. The procedure involves treating the entire face with a bright light and takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Patients leave the office without having any signs that a procedure was done. Patients can return to all normal activities immediately without any recovery time.

What does Forever Young BBL™ treat?

The treatment is used to target damaged skin that has sun damage, freckles, brown spots, brown discoloration, Melasma, rosacea, red discoloration, fine wrinkles, and textural irregularities. Patients will see improvements in the color and texture of the skin along with improvements of fine wrinkles.
Patients in Dr. Bitter’s study had the procedure performed twice a year for ten years. After ten years, unbiased observers thought the patients on average looked only 1 year older. Those patients experienced improvements in all signs of facial aging, essentially halting the aging process.
You can see some of his Forever Young BBL™ before and after photos.

Learn More About Forever Young BBL™

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